British built high performance loudspeakers

Ophidian Audio was founded by British designer Gareth James in order to produce his own take on loudspeakers with a focus on high quality components and clever design.

AEROFLEX bass loading technology

Unique AEROFLEX bass loading allows our loudspeakers to reproduce information in the lower registers with incredible definition and control by minimising air velocity in the port system.

Reducing distortion in the bass has further benefits. By leaving the mid and high frequency ranges free of clutter from bass overtones, the finest details across the audible spectrum can be fully appreciated.

You can read more about the technologies which make Ophidian unique here.

Dedication to detail

All of our loudspeaker cabinets are built in Sheffield, England with final assembly and quality checking done in house at our base on the Wirral.

The crossovers in all our products utilise only the highest quality electrical components in order to preserve signal integrity.

Measurements alone are not enough. Many hours of listening to music of all kinds have helped shape and tune the finely balanced sound which Ophidian loudspeakers aim to reproduce.