High performance floorstander offering huge dynamic range with exceptionally low distortion

The English word Prophet comes from the Greek Profetes meaning Advocate or Speaker. It was our aim with the PROPHET series to produce a range of loudspeakers based on this principle - to recreate music faithfully without artificially enhancing any aspect.

What sets the Prophet loudspeakers apart is the combination of a cabinet structure built from plywood rather than the more common MDF and a clever floating front baffle arrangement.

Plywood is both stronger and lighter than MDF and along with our unique AEROFLEX technology allows the P2 to produce a smoothly controlled and extended bass performance.

The thick floating front baffle is mounted to the chassis via a flexible gasket which allows much less of the vibrational force generated by the drive units to transfer directly to the cabinet walls.

Sound waves travel much faster and more easily with solid contact and so by acoustically isolating the drive units cabinet colouration is significantly reduced and an incredible depth of detail is revealed.

The Prophet P2 is a 2.5-way floorstander featuring dual 180mm aluminium midbass drivers and a 27mm Sonolex coated fabric tweeter.

The midbass units feature deep rubber surrounds, stiff aluminium diaphragms and solid alloy phase plugs. Dual shorting rings in the motors along with the long throw suspension keep distortion incredibly low .

The P2 uses an optimised AEROFLEX bass loaded design built directly into the cabinet structure in order to brace and strengthen the cabinet walls. By drastically lowering port velocities the driver is properly supported throughout its stroke providing effortless dynamic bass performance.

The 27mm tweeter features an incredibly lightweight Sonolex coated diaphragm capable of producing an exceptionally lifelike sound that is also smooth and easy to listen to for extended periods. A tuned rear chamber and high power handling allows a low crossover point in order to blend seamlessly with output from the midbass unit.


• Dual 180mm aluminium midbass with solid alloy phase plugs and dual shorting rings for extremely low distortion

• Plywood cabinet structure with a floating front baffle arrangement built in Sheffield, UK to our exacting standards

• Optimised crossovers using Mundorf components allow each drive unit to perform maximally

• 27mm fabric tweeter with a lightweight Sonolex coated diaphragm

• AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance


• Frequency response - 32hz to 30khz

• Sensitivity - 89dB (2.83v)

• Recommended power - 50 to 150 watts

• Impedance - 4 ohms

• Dimensions - 1024mm H x 192mm W x 315mm D

• Plinth dimensions - 232mm W x 320mm D

• Weight - 25kg

Available finishes

All cabinets come with satin black front baffle and plinth with the following options available for the main cabinet:

• Real wood veneers - Oak, Walnut (pictured)

To arrange a demonstration please see our list of distributors, here.