A micro monitor capable of surprising performance - suitable for stand, desk and wall mounting

"The first thing that hits you is the sheer scale of sound these little boxes can reproduce. The sound field is wide and open spreading way beyond their tiny dimensions" - Ian Ringstead for Hi-Fi Pig magazine

MINIMO is a compact 2-way micro monitor suitable for use on bookshelfs and desktops, wall mounted or on stands. Key to its impressive sense of scale is the combination of a midbass driver with a powerful long throw motor system and the unique AEROFLEX port system.

The long throw 90mm midbass unit features a deep rubber surround and a light, stiff aluminium diaphragm driven by a powerful balanced neodymium magnet motor system. AEROFLEX technology enables this tiny speaker to produce deeper and more controlled bass notes than its size would suggest by keeping port velocity to a minimum and ensuring the midbass unit is properly supported throughout its stroke.

"These are the best mini monitors I've heard in 30+ years of selling HiFi...absolutely astonishing." - Philip Dixon - Cheshire Audio

Complimenting the midbass is a 27mm tweeter with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm and low distortion neodymium motor system. The excellent dispersion characteristics combined with close placement within the small cabinet allow a seamless integration of the drive units and incredibly lifelike, realistic sound reproduction.

By building the port systems directly into the cabinet structure the outer walls are braced and strengthened minimising panel resonances. Integral rear inserts allow for easy wall mounting - especially useful for surround or background systems.


• 90mm aluminium long throw midbass with balanced neodymium motor system

• 27mm neodymium high frequency unit with a Sonolex coated fabric diaphragm

• AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance

• Braced and optimised cabinet built in Sheffield, UK


• Frequency response - 53hz to 28khz

• Sensitivity - 85dB (2.83v)

• Recommended power - 30 to 60 watts

• Impedance - 4 ohms

• Dimensions - 178mm H x 122mm W x 144mm D* (plus 20mm binding posts)

• Weight - 1.9kg