Flagship 3-way floorstander

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P3 Evolution is a 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker featuring triple 150mm aluminium bass drivers, a dedicated 50mm fabric mid-dome in a sealed unit and a 27mm fabric soft dome tweeter.

The 150mm bass drivers have a combined surface area 20% greater than the twin drivers in the P2 and combined with large magnets this equates to increased headroom, dynamic range and sensitivity.

Our unique AEROFLEX bass loading allows the P3 Evolution to produce huge amounts of smoothly controlled and extended bass with incredible definition.

AEROFLEX significantly lowers port velocity which keeps the bass under tight control at both low and high volumes. The port structure is built into the cabinet itself which also serves to brace and strengthen the whole loudspeaker.

"I can’t remember the last time I’ve derived so much enjoyment and satisfaction from reviewing a speaker. I’m inclined to ditch the usual hi-fi descriptors. The bass gives you a huge hug, the midband is sexy as hell and the treble never, ever makes a scene."

David Vivian

The P3 Evolution is unique in the P-series in that it features a dedicated 50mm fabric dome midrange unit in its own sealed unit. This provides even greater midrange clarity and eliminates the influence of the cabinet entirely from these critical frequencies.

The main cabinet is constructed from plywood which is both stronger and lighter than MDF and has better internal damping.

A 25mm thick baffle is flexibly mounted to the main cabinet and prevents much of the vibrational force generated by the drive units from transferring directly into the cabinet walls.

By acoustically isolating the drive units from the cabinet, colouration is significantly reduced and an incredible depth of detail and separation is revealed.

The 27mm soft dome tweeter made by SEAS of Norway features a lightweight Sonolex coated diaphragm and a large damped rear chamber. This allows a lower crossover point which greatly improves integration with output from the mid-bass driver.

"I’m still not sure how Gareth James has managed it, but the Ophidian P3 Evolution is a stunningly talented floorstander with abilities that make its £5k ticket seem a snip. Even if your budget is twice the size, don’t reach for the plastic until you hear it."

David Vivian

The crossover circuit in the P3 Evolution is custom built to our specification by Mundorf of Germany and features air core copper coils and metal oxide resistors which minimise distortion and preserve the integrity of the music signal.


• Plywood cabinet with AEROFLEX port system

• Optimised crossover using Mundorf components

• 3x 150mm aluminium bass drivers

• 1x 50mm sealed fabric dome midrange unit

• 1x 27mm SEAS fabric dome tweeter

• Frequency response - 32hz to 30khz

• Sensitivity - 90dB (2.83v)

• Recommended power - 100 to 250 watts

• Impedance - 4 ohms

• Dimensions - 1024mm H x 192mm W x 315mm

• Plinth dimensions - 232mm W x 320mm D

• Weight - 27kg

• Magnetic grilles included